Society Share certificate Lost
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Society Share Certificate Lost ads in 2 Newspapers starts 890/- onwards

If your society share certificate gets lost / misplaced the society issues duplicate share certificates after 14 days once it appears in one English & one regional language newspaper.

Procedure to get Duplicate Share Certificate

To begin with, you can submit an application for duplicates, along with an indemnity bond for loss of share certificate of housing society to your society. The latter is a contract, wherein you promise to make good any loss that may arise in case the original instrument is presented. Since some people mortgage originals as security with banks and then ask for duplicates, the society may ask you to give an undertaking that you have lost the originals in order to avoid fraud.

The society will then invite objections by affixing a notice to its notice board as well as through a notice in the newspaper. You may be asked to foot the associated costs, and some societies even expect you to publish the share certificate lost ad on your own.

The Intention of the society is to invite claims and objections from any claimant / objector for issuance of share certificate to the member. If no objection / claim is received than the society proceeds to issue a duplicate share certificate

Charges for Duplicate Share Certificate Lost Ad

You may state the choice of your desired two newspapers however, our choice of newspapers is cheap, acceptable in courts, housing societies and may cost you as low as 890/-

Duplicate share certificate format options for loss of society share certificates are placed on both the sides of the page to suit your budget. Though all look the same, however there is a small difference.  The templates on the right side of the page are strictly as per the bye-laws of the society, whereas the templates on the left side of the page are designed to control the cost of the Original share certificate lost ad. You may show the templates to your society  if required and than place the ad.

Just click on to the Download button of the duplicate share certificate format ad of your choice and reframe the ad with your content and fill in the form below

Procedure For Booking Share Certificate lost ad  in Newspaper :

Society Share certificate Lost
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share certificate lost

Lets say you have a Society / Equity Share certificate lost ad to be released.

Step 1  : Call us on 9821566223 for Guidance/Help for how to go about it. We’ll guide you with How to Publish your Publish Notice ad.


Step 2 : Download one of the templates from above, Copy the text in the form provided . OR your society may have provided you with a sample draft. Or you may have copied it from one of the newspaper clips. Just fill in Form provided. 

If your Form  reaches us during office hours between 10.30 to 8 pm you shall immediately be given quotation along with FREE ARTWORK  within 3o minutes to 2 hrs time.

We give options of few combination Newspapers of 1 English and 1 Local Newspapers. Once you approve of the Ad matter and Budget. You’ll have to transfer the payment. Ad shall appear next day or the day of your choice.

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Key Areas

Housing Society to be Informed of Share Certificate Lost

Idemnity Bond for Loss of share certificates to be issued

FIR to be Submitted for Loss of  Original Share Certificates

Charges for Duplicate Shares lost ad

Share Certificate Lost  ad Format

Sample ads for Loss of shares

Procedure For Loss of Shares In 2 Newspaper

Publishing of Loss of Share certificate in 2 Newspapers