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Release PUBLIC NOTICE NEWSPAPER ads online in 2 Newspapers for less than 1000/- using our tips

There are times when one needs to publish PUBLIC NOTICE NEWSPAPER ads for cases like :

  • making a property deal
  • Father / mother dies without making any nomination
  • you may have a dispute in the family
  • You may have lost your essential documents while travelling
  • Public notice ads in newspaper for loss of sale agreement
  • Claim against legal heirs of the property
  • loss of society share certificate
  • Public Notice ads in Newspaper for Property on Auction
  • Public Notice ads in Newspaper investigating the title of the property
  • PUBLIC Notice ads in Newspapers for Dissolving of Oral agreement between Purchaser and Seller
  • etc, etc.

Such PUBLIC NOTICE NEWSPAPER ads being a formality are supposed to be placed in 2 newspapers. One English and One Local language. It is also understood that usually one does not want to have any response from such ad as such he/she is looking to fulfill his formality at reasonable / cheaper costs but at the same time the newspapers have to be registered and acceptable at all goverment organisations and courts as such he /she may be required to present the documents in courts and variety of places from time to time. We at take care in searching the right choice of papers for you which are cheap, registered and acceptable everywhere, our range is extremely cheap and starts from 890/- only in 2 newspapers. govt ser tax is additional 19/- . So the total cost starts at 909/- only


Public Notice for Property
Public Notice in Times of  India
Public notice in Free Press Journal
Public Notice for loss of Documents
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