Society Share certificate Lost 

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Ad Amt : 1760/- notice for loss of shares


Ad Amt 890/- 

society shares lost


 Ad Amt : 1540/-

Notice of loss of share certificate




Society Share certificate Lost 

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Ad Amt : 2640/-

share certificate lost ad



Ad Amt : 2200/-

Society Share Certificate Lost : 

Share Certificate Lost ads in 2 Newspapers starts 890/- onwards

If your society share certificate gets lost / misplaced the society issues duplicate share certificates after 14 days once it appears in one English & one regional language newspaper.

The Intention of the society is to invite claims and objections from any claimant / objector for issuance of share certificate to the member. If no objection / claim is recieved than the society proceeds to issue a duplicate share certificate

You may state the choice of your desired two newspapers however, our choice of newspapers is cheap, acceptable in courts, housing societies and may cost you as low as 890/-